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Glitter Disco

Product Code: GLD426

Qty Available: 10


When hanging this product we recommened using the overlap and trim method and using a very sharp blade to cut through the 2 layers, this should ensure removal of the rough edges from the fabric at the same time. the use of plastic strips will prevent damange to the finished product. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: This is a heavy fabric basically a canvas base covered with lots of glitter glued on and sealed, so when it's cut it doesn't fray and has minimal shedding. (THIS PRODUCT IS A NON RETURNABLE ITEM) murabond-super-heavy-5kg and murabond-super-heavy10kg To be used when hanging any fabric backed wall covering. Please allow 5 to 7 business days for delivery. Dimensions: Width: 150cms. Length: 1Linear Meter. Glitter Collection Disco Purple (GLD426) is a purple, glitter, wallpaper and part of the Glitter Disco wallpaper.

Manufacturer: Sarah's Exclusive Designs

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