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Gianfranco Ferre Home

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Wallpapers GF60004 - a stunning new collection of the Home collection from Gianfranco Ferre. Yes, yes, now the fashion master drew attention to the interiors ... and decided to improve them! The modernist style of the classic baroque of this article is clearly expressed in the drawing geometry of the ornament and the shade of the blue-white. The mood of the interior is given by a pattern, a monogram, curls - a catchy, memorable motif, with which it is easy to combine (for example, with the article-companion GF60071). Flizelinovye linen width 70 cm glued simply, not afraid of sunlight and aggressive cleansing - long pleases the eye with the novelty and richness of the drawings.

  • Figure:Geometry / Ornament
  • Reference:GF60004
  • Brand:Gianfranco Ferre
  • Collection:Home
  • Width (cm):70
  • Length (m):10
  • Tag:pattern, monogram, curls
  • Color:White / Blue
  • Style:Baroque / Classic / Modern
  • Base:Flizelin
  • Coating:Hot stamping vinyl
  • Resistant to mechanical influences Resistant to mechanical influences
  • Remove in layers Remove in layers
  • Waterproof Waterproof
  • Highly resistant to wet processing Highly resistant to wet processing
  • Good light fastness Good light fastness
  • Shifted alignment Shifted alignment
  • Adhesive is applied to the wall Adhesive is applied to the wall
  • Removed from the wall in dry form Removed from the wall in dry form

Manufacturer: Gianfranco Ferre Home

Manufacturer: Gianfranco Ferre Home

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