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Floor Tile Granite

Product Code: 42102-10

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Wallpaper floor tile granite anthracite 42102-10 non-woven P+S Origin. NaturalDesignsinstone,tile and woodopticsenhanced are characterized by striking metallic effects and become a real eye-catcherincombinationwithelegant plain wallpapers by the collection OriginbyP+SInternational! You can create avery specialcomfortable atmospherewith thesebrilliant effects! living worlds: living room, bedroom, kitchen, hallway. Material: non-woven. Euro-scroll: about 10,05 x 0,53 m or 11yd x 21 ''. good lightfastness - scrubbable - dry strippable - wall pasting. design match: straight match 64 cm or 25.2 ''.

Manufacturer: P+s International

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